DIY Hanging Mason Jar Lights and Chandeliers

mason jar and reclaimed wood pendant lighting
Beer bottle chandelier classy w a rough edge
glass bottle lights
glass bottle pendants
mason jar chandelier
No instructions on this Looks like the bottom of a wine bottle has been removed and a candle put into the neck of the bottle
reclaimed wood pendant
reclaimed wood pendant
wine bottle Chandelier
Wine Bottle lighting

One can never have too many hanging mason jar lights as there are so many uses for them but one of my favorite has got be making a hanging pendant light feature using reclaimed wood – like in the image below where they’ve used a vintage coke box! This kind of feature would look amazing in your kitchen especially over the kitchen island.

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Tutorial Reclaimed Wood Beam Chandelier | Buy on Amazon 12 x Mason Jars $25.79
Antique coke box with mason jars
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