35 + DIY Christmas Gifts Every Teen Girl Wants for 2018

Here’s your ultimate gift guide for handmade Christmas presents for teen girls including: natural makeup & makeup tips, diy makeup organizer ideas, handmade fashion jewelry necklaces and diy manicure gift sets. You can use these as individual gifts or as stocking stuffer ideas – and most of the ideas should come under the ‘gifts under $10′ category – so they definitely won’t break the bank! All the tutorials are really easy to follow, with step by step guides.

1. Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs
Tutorial Bath Bombs

2. Unicorn Sweater

Unicorn Sweater
Tutorial Unicorn Sweater

3. Holographic Clutch

Holographic Clutch
Tutorial Holographic Clutch

4. Lip Scrub

Lip Scrub
Tutorial Lip Scrub

5. Marble Jewelry Box

Marble Jewelry Box
Tutorial Marble Jewelry Box

6. 52 Things I Love About You

52 Things I Love About You
Tutorial 52 Things I Love About You

7. Makeup Care Package

Makeup Care Package D
Tutorial Makeup Care Package

8. Cat Photo Pouch

Cat Photo Pouch
Tutorial Cat Photo Pouch

9. Rosette Sunglasses

Rosette Sunglasses
Tutorial Rosette Sunglasses

10. Scrapbook Photo Frame

Scrapbook Photo Frame
Tutorial Scrapbook Photo Frame

11. Unbaked Brownies in a Jar

Unbaked Brownies in a Jar
Tutorial Unbaked Brownies in a Jar

12. Dotty + Hearty Cup

Dotty Hearty Cup
Tutorial Dotty + Hearty Cup

13. Easy Edible Chalk

Easy Edible Chalk
Tutorial Easy Edible Chalk

14. Faux Ice Cream Dough

Faux Ice Cream Dough
Tutorial Faux Ice Cream Dough

15. Flamingo Headphone Stand

Flamingo Headphone Stand
Tutorial Flamingo Headphone Stand

16. Galaxy in a Jar

Galaxy in a Jar
Tutorial Galaxy in a Jar

17. Giant Fanta Jelly Gummy

Giant Fanta Jelly Gummy
Tutorial Giant Fanta Jelly Gummy

18. Macaron Photo Holders

Macaron Photo Holders
Tutorial Macaron Photo Holders

19. Monogrammed Floral Door Decor

Monogrammed Floral Door Decor
Tutorial Monogrammed Floral Door Decor

20. Nutella Phone Charger

Nutella Phone Charger
Tutorial Nutella Phone Charger

21. Paw Shaped Pillow

Paw Shaped Pillow
Tutorial Paw Shaped Pillow

22. Sharpie Tie Dye Shoes

Sharpie Tie Dye Shoes
Tutorial Sharpie Tie Dye Shoes

23. Soda Pop Candle

Soda Pop Candle
Tutorial Soda Pop Candle

24. Tie Dye Pillow

Tie Dye Pillow
Tutorial Tie Dye Pillow

25. Glitter Tumbler

Glitter Tumbler
Tutorial Glitter Tumbler

26. iPhone Case

iPhone Case D
Tutorial iPhone Case

27. Gold Polka Dot Mug

Gold Polka Dot Mug
Tutorial Gold Polka Dot Mug

28. Funky Animal Keychain

Funky Animal Keychain
Tutorial Funky Animal Keychain

29. Jelly Bean Flower Holder

Jelly Bean Flower Holder
Tutorial Jelly Bean Flower Holder

30. Marbled Jewelry Dish

Marbled Jewelry Dish
Tutorial Marbled Jewelry Dish

31. Instagram Picture Frame

Instagram Picture Frame
Tutorial Instagram Picture Frame

32. Graphic Patch Cap

Graphic Patch Cap
Tutorial Graphic Patch Cap

33. Emergency Chocolate Supply

Emergency Chocolate Supply
Tutorial Emergency Chocolate Supply

34. Cute Candy Box

Cute Candy Box
Tutorial Cute Candy Box

35. Candy Bar Bouquet

Candy Bar Bouquet
Tutorial Candy Bar Bouquet

36. Fruit Rug

Fruit Rug
Tutorial Fruit Rug

37. Colored Sand Jar

Colored Sand Jar
Tutorial Colored Sand Jar

38. Marble Art

Marble Art
Tutorial Marble Art

39. Chevron Cushion

Chevron Cushion
Tutorial Chevron Cushion

40. Places I Want to Go Map

Places I Want to Go Map
Tutorial Places I Want to Go Map