25+ DIY Bridal Shower Party Decorations Ideas

If you need some stylish yet inexpensive ideas for your bridal shower or bachelorette party then we’ve got about 30 mind blowing ones that’ll make your day a blast. From monogram chalkboards to champagne bottle wall decor all these ideas are simple to make but super chic!

bridal shower ideas


1. DIY Monogram Chalkboard
chalkboard marquee letter

This is such a great little project that you can make in no time at all! Just grab a large wooden letter and slap some chalk paint on it. Now everyone you know and love can leave soppy drunken messages that you can hang on your wall for ever and ever and……ever!
Watch Tutorial – DIY Monogram Chalkboard


2. Exploding Champagne Bottle Wall Decor
Cool photo wall idea for bridal shower

Ok, so this awesome on a whole new level. If you want to bring your wall to life and dare I say it make it the star of the show, then grab hold of a giant balloon champagne bottle. You’ll also need about 2 dozen gold, white and silver balloons. If you need help, then just follow the really quick tutorial below to see how to put it all together. (Waddya mean theres no champagne in the balloon!!? 🙁 )
Watch Tutorial – Exploding Champagne Bottle Wall Decor


3. Wedding Dress Table Centerpiece
Wedding Dress Bouquet Vase floral arrangement

Ok seriously, this lady deserves an Oscar…(a crafting Oscar…hmmm, theres an idea!) 🙂 Anyhoo these stunning wedding dress centerpieces are made by wrapping tulle fabric around champagne glasses. Embellish with lace trimming, sparkly bead trimming, ribbon and for the piéce de résistance, white roses! C’est magnifique!
Watch Tutorial – Wedding Dress Table Centerpiece


4. Pink and White Floral Decor
Bridal shower decor

The best thing about paper flower pom poms? You don’t have to water them :P… but honestly these beauties really pack a punch at any party. You can accessorize them how you like for example add streamers or mini foil balloons. You want to take 10-20 layers of tissue paper to make each one or if you’re really pressed for time you can just purchase them online.
Watch Tutorial – Pink and White Floral Decor


5. Nail Care Party Favors
Bridal shower favors

If nail care looked good enough to drink then consider me drunk! This is such an easy and fun favor to put together – purchase a bulk of wine glasses (cheaper to do this) and add items like nail polish, nail file and some sweets. The color of the nail polish could even be customized to the color of your wedding. You can make the tags with pretty card stock and ribbon.
Watch Tutorial – Nail Care Party Favors


6. Bridal Shower Photo Booth Frame
Bridal shower photo booth frame

Make some really fun pics with this photobooth frame. You’ll need a foam poster board, exacto knife , ruler and embellishments. Rule out the depth of the frame you want and cut with your craft knife. Now you’re ready to embellish to your hearts content! These frames also work great for other parties such as baby showers and weddings.
Watch Tutorial – Bridal Shower Photo Booth Frame


7. Brides Chair Decor
Brides chair at shower

Make the bride to be feel really special by decorating her chair! Get as creative as you want whether its adding sashes and balloons – nothing is too over the top (after all it is a party 😉 ) OR if you want to go classy you could buy a whole bunch that the bride can use on the day!
Watch Tutorial – Brides Chair Decor


8. Fancy Silverware Sleeve
bridal place setting

Don’t you just love how vintage doilies make everything look? Not only that but this is super easy to make and actually makes silverware look even prettier! You can make it even more customizable by popping a colored serviette on the inside in the brides color.
Watch Tutorial – Fancy Silverware Sleeve


9. Floral Backdrop
Beautiful flower backdrop for bridal shower photo booth at a wedding

Now I know what to do with all those fake flowers I have lying around 😀 Add a whimsical touch to your party with a floral backdrop. You’ll need fake flowers of your choice and fish wire to make these floral wall chains. They also make a great addition to your room decor when the party’s over (party pooper).
Watch Tutorial – Floral Backdrop


10. I DO Door Sign
Breakfast at Tiffanys Bridal Shower

Perfect for a ‘Breakfast at Tiffanys’ themed Bridal Shower and a super cute Doornament. It’s a super easy idea to make and you can customize the letters how you want also it’s reusable for future showers! You’ll need wooden letters and you simply attach them to a blue ribbon to spell out ‘I do’ – it’s the easiest ‘I do’ you’ll make I promise!
Watch Tutorial – ‘I Do’ Door Sign


11. Lemon and Flower Mason Jar Decor
Flower idea with lemons for southern theme bridal shower This would be pretty with other fruits too for the rehearsal dinner

If life gives you lemons …make an awesome centerpiece for a party (isn’t that how that saying goes? 😛 ) You’ll need two vases either square or round and many slices of lemons. Pop the smaller vase into the bigger one and arrange your lemons around it. Now you can add water and flowers to the inside vase and enjoy! It would also be pretty with other fruits too for the rehearsal dinner.
Watch Tutorial – Lemon and Flower Mason Jar Decor


12. Shadow Box Decor
Shadow box ideas

Could there be a better way to display memories? I really love hinged shadow boxes as it’s almost like a memory cupboard! You can pop things like an engagement photo in the display or let the bride to be fill it up herself with items from her wedding (that way her stuff won’t end up in a box under her bed for years to come…not that I did that or anything 😉 ).
Watch Tutorial – Shadow Box Decor


13. Floral Frame Photo Booth
Love this floral frame Such a cute diy project for a photo booth

Convert an old frame into a floral selfie frame with this super cute DIY project. If you don’t have an old frame you can trail the charity shops and have a bit of fun. Attach fake flowers and get ready to be snap happy!
Watch Tutorial – Floral Frame Photo Booth


14. Pink and Gold Decorations
Pink and gold bridal shower decorations

An awesome but creative way to include the bride’s wedding colors in the party. From tassel garlands, tissue paper pom poms and even balloons the sky’s the limit here.
Watch Tutorial – Pink and Gold Decorations


15. Upcycled Chalkboard Sign
recycled chalkboard bridal sign

My to do list just got even longer when I saw this. With chalkboard paint pretty much anything can be turned into a writing space! If you love this rustic look , you can buy an old door from a reclaimed resale shop to revamp.
Watch Tutorial – Upcycled Chalkboard Sign


16. Ring Shaped Cake
Ring shaped Engagement Ring Cupcake Cake

I love pull apart cupcake cakes – absolutely no slicing just digging straight in and stuffing your face with cake ! Arrange the cupcakes into the ring shape first (you could draw a template on card ) and fit them together as tight as possible. You can either use a box cupcake mix or even store bought cupcakes and just ice them together in this shape (it’s the thought that counts right?!)
Watch Tutorial – Ring Shaped Cake


17. DIY Tassel Garland
diy tassel garland

This is so gorgeous – I love DIY’s that are customizable for different holidays and events like this one! Tassel garlands can get quite pricey so why not make your own? Also how pretty would it be to make it out of fabric to switch it up or even to make it last a little longer! It would be a cute skirt for a photo op for little girls too – just too many uses!
Watch Tutorial – DIY Tassel Garland