DIY Beach Wedding Ideas on a Budget – Seashell Candles

Starfish Cake Topper
DIY Starfish Salt Dough Garland

Learn how to make these awesome seashell candles for a budget friendly outdoor wedding. All you need are a dew supplies such as tealights, wicks, seashells and a few other supplies you should have lying around your home. Then heat the wax, pour it over the wicks and let it cool…and you’re done!

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Tutorial Seashell Candles | Buy on Amazon Tealight Candles $10.99
Seashell candles for a budget garden wedding very simple to make with just a few supplies

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[expand title=””] Learn how to make these adorable starfish cake toppers which are perfect for a beach themed wedding! Start by flattening a ball of gum paste and make five points. Then start pulling and rolling the 5 points so you develop the 5 arms of the starfish. You can use a paintbrush to define the arms even better. [/expand]