DIY Outdoor Solar Lighting Ideas for Summer Garden

garden Lighting ideas
amazing lights
candles in jars
candles in mini jars
Festoon lights and candles for lighting all levels
garden Lighting ideas
garden lights in the trees
Garden lights made from flower pots and old lamp globes with strings of white lights in the globes
globe lights in the trees
lighting adds the awe to your outdoor space
Lights on the patio
Make the most of your outdoor space no matter how big or small This cosy balcony is ideal with festoon lights
old graters make excellent candle holders
Outdoor candle lit dinner
Solar powered chandelier in my garden

Combine solar mason jars with colored glass pebbles to create stunning garden lights that will look great on your patio, bbq area or even hanging along your garden fence. You can choose different color pebbles to fill the mason jars with to create a more bohemian effect. So fill a mason jar with colored pebbles, then place the solar lid on the jar and just place them outdoors in direct sunlight. They automatically turn ON/OFF – the light will turn ON when the dark and the light will turn OFF when daytime!

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solar lights with pebbles
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