Rice Krispie Treats for a Boys Baby Shower

Blue White Gold Chocolate cover Oreo Chocolate covered Pretzel Chocolate covered Rice Krispie Treat
Frozen Rice Krispie sticks
Rice Krispie Rattles great Shower Idea
Rice Krispie Treat Pops

If you have an upcoming baby shower and you need to make some treats (quickly!) then why not make these gorgeously delicious rice krispie treats! Not only are they really fun to make and will actually make a great centerpiece during the celebrations they’re also really cheap and depending on the rice krispies you use they’re also gluten free! All you need to do is dip Rice Krispie treats in chocolate and decorate with sprinkles and a tiny drizzling of blue, you’ll have a show stopper of a treat!

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Made these for my little girls party Rice Krispie treats with snow flakes
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